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Today’s make-up artist is a very versatile figure and they must have multiple skills depending on the sector they want to work in: stores, weddings, events, television productions, theater, film, fashion.

To achieve this, MUD has created a series of different complementary courses that lead to various certificate levels and therefore of professional training.

The training course is based on 3 certificate levels.


LEVEL I – Corrective Beauty

This is the iconic course that is the gateway to the wonderful professional world of MUD – Make-Up Designory. It will teach you all the soundest and most essential basics so that you can join us in this world and create complete corrective beauty make-up.


LEVEL II – Airbrush, Bridal, Studio, Fashion

This is the first specialization package that comprises 4 modules to learn new techniques and specialize in all four of the biggest professional make-up fields, like using an airbrush, and designing and creating bridal, cinema and fashion make-up.


LEVEL III – Hairstyle, Portfolio

This is the second specialization package consisting of two modules: the first is Hairstyle that can also be taken after the Level I certificate, the second is Portfolio Development which involves 3 days an actual photo shoot and can only be taken after completing Level I, Level II and Hairstyle.


Essentials of hairstyle

This is an individual module that can already be taken after the Level I certificate. In this course you'll learn the techniques that will allow you to push yourself beyond your limits and achieve the maximum result in hairstyles. With theory and intensive practice, the course will allow you to combine fantastic hairstyles with make-up to create the perfect style for any occasion.


Special Effects

The course begins by teaching the real techniques used in this sector and offering an in-depth look at how to simulate various two and three-dimensional effects using coloring foam and prosthetics. You then learn how to create scratches and grazes, scars, cuts and wounds, and burns, before creating an actual character.

You too can become a professional make-up artist if you choose the world’s leading school that has trained more than 10,000 make-up artists since 1997.

Find out more about MUD Studio Italia, the Italian branch of MUD make-up Designory.